On Meet The Press, Kellyanne Conway, advisor to the president, stated that the liaison to the media, Sean Spicer, had given “alternative facts” in regard to, among other things, the attendance at the recent inauguration.

As I listened to her speak, I thought to myself, “I’ve heard of ‘alternative medicine’ and ‘alternative lifestyle’ and even ‘alternative reality’, but I’ve never heard anyone speak of ‘alternative facts.’” The more I listened, the more that term just wasn’t registering with me. In fact, it hurt my heart to hear such a phase being brought into our vocabulary.

It seems that a ping-pong reality has emerged in our country and perhaps the world. Even though we have more resources available to us than every before, it’s easier to hit a lightweight ball filled with nothing, back and forth, back and forth, just keeping it in play rather than doing even a simple internet search. And with so much this & that, tit for tat, attack and counterattack, we’re all getting dizzy. If you’re like me, you’d like to either take their paddles away, or at least say, “Stop it and score already!”

But here’s the thing about life in this world. It’s all about the either/or. There are two sides at play in this game of life: a duality, if you will, of black/white; right/wrong; male/female; yin/yang. Balancing these two complementary opposites is what we do everyday as mature human adults. We’re always making decisions about what we like or don’t like; what we want or don’t want; what we agree with or don’t agree with. But it seems like the space between the two extremes has never been greater and more divisive and antagonistic.

Without some kind of foundation to stand on, life becomes a never-ending free-for-all of fallacy. Without some kind of universal agreement, all we have are millions of ping-pong balls in the air all at the same time. What is needed is to get back to the basic nature of life, that which is genuine and authentic.

What is needed is to actually get beyond the facts, and to stand in that which exists regardless of circumstances or conditions, that which is timeless and infinite: the truth.

Facts, even “alternative facts,” get us going. They give us a rush. They make us feel smart, superior, different, accomplished. Truth, however, exists regardless of circumstances. It’s not based on the gratification of our egos or party preferences. Truth resonates in our hearts – all of our hearts – because the nature of truth is that of being universal. Truth transcends the duality of life and sets us free from the ping-pong match.

So, we can continue to be batted back and forth with dialogue that seems more and more absurd each day, or we can put our paddles down and look for that which weaves through space and time and joins us all together. We might have to stand in the emptiness for a while. The silence might drive us crazy but in the end, if we listen, we’ll hear a clear, calm voice whispering universal truths that soothe our souls. Things like love, unity, peace, harmony.