Many people have come to me saying that they feel helpless in regard to the current political turmoil in our country. They want to do something, but what? They’re not the kind of people to picket and protest and they don’t want to participate in angry, chaotic energy, but they also don’t want to hide their heads in the sand either. So, what to do?

Some people would say that, as people of consciousness, we should pray and meditate and send out love to everyone in the world; those who are being persecuted for their religion, immigrants who have nowhere to go, undocumented workers who fear being deported, just surround everyone with love!

That’s a very beautiful gesture and, if you’re like me, you’ve been doing that kind of practice for years. It’s very powerful and I really did think that love was beginning to cover the world. But with the election of a man whose words and behavior are the antithesis of love, I was shocked into asking, “Is this really working?” Am I really “doing” something by sending out the vibration of love through my thoughts and prayers?

Well, yes, of course, it is working on many levels of life. Everything is vibration and we know that our thoughts, feelings, and words go out from us to produce a corresponding affect.

But during this post-inaugural upheaval, what’s been revealed to me is that we’ve mastered the passive aspect of love. It’s time to balance that out. What’s needed now more than ever is for us to learn to express the active side of love.

Love isn’t simply an emotion that you feel in your heart. It’s an energy that grounds you to the earth. Yes, love is gentle and sensitive. But love is also bold and maybe even daring. Love is patient, but it’s also engaged and dynamic.

For those of us who are quiet and contemplative, thinking of love as bold and engaged disturbs our sense of peace and calmness. We’re comfortable being like gentle lambs.

But sometimes love requires that we be more lion-like. For example: It takes lion-like initiative to push through our inner resistance to growth. It takes lion-like courage to change our lives and in so doing to change the world.

You see, love isn’t a doormat. Love doesn’t always say “yes.” Sometimes love is a security door that doesn’t let anything unlike love on board. Some times love says, “no.”
And there’s a whole boatload of things happening in our country right now to which, out of love, we need to say “no.”

As the ancient scripture says: “Love rejoices in the truth.”

So, yes, let’s continue to send out, emanate, surround, and radiate love. But let’s also take love to the next level; a higher, greater level of active, engaged love. Let’s stand in the strength and courage of that bold and daring energy that connects us one to another.

That’s the power of love. And when we approach the current political situation, not from divisive opinions or explosive emotions, but from this universal truth of love that holds all things together, we’ll all stand united.