The other day I received a message from a friend who, in a not-so-loving way, told me that I shouldn’t be looking at the political upheaval in our country. They told me that I should disengage from all that.

I’d like to disengage from the pile of dirty dishes in my sink too.

But the fact is that unless I turn my attention to my kitchen and boldly approach the evil coconut oil slime on last night’s salad plates, the dirty dishes will continue to be there. In fact, the situation will get worse.

I’d like to just wish them away. The dirty dishes, that is.

I’d also like to just wish away the discriminatory policies coming from the White House and their resulting effects of increased hate crimes happening across the country.

I’d like to wish away the fact that 81% of white evangelicals in a country founded upon freedom of religion voted for an extremist agenda that elevates their religion and maligns all others.

I’d like to just wish away the pile of blatant lies coming from an expert conspiracy theorist with great influence over masses of people.

I’d like to wish away the divisive idea that there is such a thing as “those people” and that building any kind of wall, whether emotionally, mentally, or physically to keep them out could ever be a good idea.

But wishin’ and hopin’ is not going to make that happen.

My friend told me that I’m not supposed to look at negative things like that. Instead I should only look at the good.

Luckily, I’m sitting here looking at a good thing: the solution to the grimy situation in my sink. Dishwashing liquid.

But unless I physically open the bottle and point and squirt and then do the work, yes, the dirty, hard work of scraping and washing and drying, the state of affairs in my kitchen will never change.

In the same way, wiping up the mess in our country requires doing some hard work and engaging our human emotional, mental and physical powers along with our spiritual superpowers.

I understand my friend’s cautious warning. But what they’re talking about is fixation, staring at a problem so intently that it sucks all your power and becomes overwhelming.

Well, I have much more faith than that. I’m not afraid to face what is dirty, grimy, hard, and slimy. I’m not afraid to pick up a broom and sweep away all that is unlike the truth that’s written on all our hearts. I’m not going to cower in fear and run away. I’m going to scour away the layers of dirty lies that have covered our eyes until they’re clean and clear again.

So, I’m not going to disengage. I’m going to engage – because as humans we have amazing mental, emotional, and physical powers at our disposal to take on any messy problem. And on a deeper, spiritual, universal level, we all know the solution. We all know that the solution is all that is good, pure, honorable and true.