If you’re feeling anxious as a result of the US presidential inauguration, you’re not alone. Multiple surveys report that this past election cycle was very stressful for many Americans. One in 14 lost friends during the eighteen months leading up to the election and nearly 40 percent of Americans reported feeling tension with their family members over the presidential race. And once the electoral process was finally over, rather than feeling a release from all that stress, many Americans are feeling even more anxious or fearful now that the new president has been installed.

Those feelings aren’t simply the result of differing political opinions.

What we’re feeling is the assault on all that is good, peaceful, and honorable. And it hurts our hearts. We know there is a Universal Heartbeat and when one of us because of our skin color or religion fears for the safety and wellbeing of themselves and their families, those of us with open hearts feel that fear. When people are given positions of authority who are deeply unqualified or have ties to extreme hate groups, our minds sound the alert because we know that disregard and contempt for the inherent opportunities and rights of all people goes against the conscience of humanity.

It’s not a political opinion to believe in loving and caring for your neighbor; to respect one another and all life; or that all people are meant to live in freedom. Those are universal truths and we feel them and practice them, not because some political organization proposed them but because they are written on our hearts. We believe in virtues like love, respect and empathy, not because they’re a part of the mission statement of a club we joined but because as members of the human family they are encoded on our DNA.

We choose to be gentle. We choose to be peaceful. We choose love in our thoughts, feelings and actions. That’s why we’re so shocked and overwhelmed by the magnification of some of the ugliest aspects of our humanness with the ascension of the current president.

But rather than turning away from it, we are being called to turn toward it.

We’re being called to clarify what universal truths like love, peace and harmony really mean in our lives. Ask yourself: What does love look like not only in my life but in the world? What does peace look like in my life and in the lives of all people? What does harmony look like in my life and in my country?

As each one of us gets clearer in the truth of our being, then we’re ready to express that truth. Standing in the truth that all good belongs to all, we can’t be triggered as easily. When we validate things like peace, harmony, and unity that resonate at the core of our being, we invalidate anything that opposes it.

When our foundation is love, we are immovable.

So we get clear and we remain calm and, most of all, we stay connected. We connect inwardly to that one infinite and perfect life force and we connect outwardly with like-minded, openhearted people to form a chain of respect and honor for all life. That circle then extends out from us to create a field of peace for ourselves and our world.