Trump’s Limited Energy Supply

A few weeks ago an article published in The New Yorker revealed that the leader of the most powerful country in the world believes that the human body is like a battery and has a finite amount of energy. This is the man who’s charge of national healthcare. He’s also in charge of national education. […]

What Would My Mother Think?

I’m thinking of my mother today. She was born Eugenia Blair McDaniel in the small town of Curtisville that now is just a bump on a country road through the verdant Central Indiana farmland. There are many words I can use to describe my mother. The first word at the top of the list is […]

We are all Soul-Knowers

I heard from a well-meaning friend the other day who said they were concerned about me. They said that by commenting on current events, I was (in their words) focusing on the negative. They said that I should turn away from all of the lies, deception, and immoral actions of a Machiavellian leader and instead […]

Clear, Calm, and Connected

If you’re feeling anxious as a result of the US presidential inauguration, you’re not alone. Multiple surveys report that this past election cycle was very stressful for many Americans. One in 14 lost friends during the eighteen months leading up to the election and nearly 40 percent of Americans reported feeling tension with their family […]

Stand In Truth

I’ve heard from some people who are dismayed at some of the social media posts I have made. They tell me that I’m focusing on the negative. Instead I should be affirming and envisioning, meditating and praying for peace, love and harmony. I’m all for peace, love and harmony. Those are the “Big 3” of […]

Bold Love

Many people have come to me saying that they feel helpless in regard to the current political turmoil in our country. They want to do something, but what? They’re not the kind of people to picket and protest and they don’t want to participate in angry, chaotic energy, but they also don’t want to hide […]

No Need for Wiretaps

A baffling subject that’s been in the news lately concerns a means of surveillance called wiretapping. Without providing any evidence for such a claim, the current president of the United States accused the outgoing president of wiretapping communications in his home and office during the 2016 presidential campaign. But really, there’s no need for wiretaps. […]

I’m Awake

Now that I look back, I knew something was wrong. Maybe I was living in a bubble, thinking that the world was getting more beautiful and peace-filled everyday. But now I realize that deep inside, I knew something was going on. And it wasn’t good. I thought that the random social media post ranting about […]