Spiritual Activist Coaching

There is a rising tide of people all across the planet who are hearing the call to bring spiritual values to political and societal transformation.

Are you one of these heart-centered people?

Are you hearing the call to get involved in a way that’s based on universal values like compassion, empathy and respect for all life?

If you want to learn how to participate in this global transformation in a new, transcendent way that resonates with your inner awareness and utilizes your unique gifts, talents, skills and abilities –

I invite you to apply for my

COSMIC CONGRESS Coaching Program

This is an interactive program about stepping into your role as a Spiritual Activist.

This program requires a 6-month commitment.

The cost is: $297/month.

It is an exclusive group that is limited to 12 people.

Contact me at lorna@lornabright.com

And become part of the solution!