I heard from a well-meaning friend the other day who said they were concerned about me. They said that by commenting on current events, I was (in their words) focusing on the negative. They said that I should turn away from all of the lies, deception, and immoral actions of a Machiavellian leader and instead I should be affirming, envisioning, meditating and praying for peace, love and harmony.

I do all those things.

I affirm peace, love and harmony every morning when I wake up. I envision peace, love and harmony every day before I turn on my computer and look at the news. And I pray and mediate upon peace, love and harmony every evening when I close my eyes and enjoy a deep and restful sleep.

That is my strength. It’s my support, the impetus that helps me to do what I do.
Peace, love and harmony are the core of my being. And they’re the core of your being too.

Some people have forgotten that.

They’ve forgotten that at the core of their being is that which is undisturbed, unshakeable, peaceful, and eternal.
They’ve forgotten that at the core of their being is that which connects each one of us, one to another.
They’ve forgotten that at the core of their being is that which is pure potentiality, the source of all creative expression.

Should we turn away from those who have forgotten? Or should we turn toward them?

Psychology teaches us that what we believe partly determines the types of outcomes we will experience. So, as things like peace, love and harmony are replaced with hatred, divisiveness, fear and anger, those false and damaging beliefs begin to play out in our lives and our world.

For example: Many people today have forgotten their connection to life and to all people. As a result they’ve become fearful and angry, wanting to blame others and build walls.

Should we turn away from them, allowing their false beliefs to play out in our country? Or as people aligned with the truth of love and oneness, should we intervene in some way and remind them that we are all part of the family of humanity and that what is done to one person affects us all?

Speaking of psychology. The word psychology is derived from two Greek words. Psyche meaning soul and logia meaning oracle, communication of divine origin, or simply, knowledge. So the word psychology literally means the knowledge of the soul.

I thanked my friend for speaking to me and for taking action on their concern. I told them that their loving “intervention” helped me to get clearer and nearer to the knowledge of my soul.

We are all Soul-Knowers. We all have the truth etched on our hearts and minds. Now is the time for us to bring that soul knowledge to the forefront of every thought, every feeling, every belief and every action.