Trump’s Limited Energy Supply 2

A few weeks ago an article published in The New Yorker revealed that the leader of the most powerful country in the world believes that the human body is like a battery and has a finite amount of energy.

This is the man who’s charge of national healthcare. He’s also in charge of national education. Wherever did the purveyor of “alternative facts” get such an inaccurate idea that goes against what’s been taught in the United States for decades and has been known for centuries in cultures around the world?

We’ve all been taught since grade school that our bodies are like engines and need proper fuel so that our muscles become stronger and our brains can function effectively.

We’ve all been taught that exercise helps deliver more oxygen to the heart and brain which then boosts our endurance and lowers our level of fatigue.

Many studies have found that exercise helps to alleviate depression and anxiety.
And we’ve all heard that people who exercise and are active tend to live longer.

But Trump believes that what energy he does have must be guarded and stored. I guess you could say that he’s an energy miser. He wants to keep what he has all to himself. Perhaps he doesn’t want anyone to know how much energy he has. And maybe he’s built some kind of wall in his mind to keep his energy in and energy thieves out.

Ah! It all makes sense now! Don’t release your tax returns. Don’t let anybody know how much money you have and what you’re really all about. Build walls – all kinds of walls: walls between countries, walls between us and them, between those who are loyal and those who aren’t.

But here’s the thing. There is a life energy, an energetic force that permeates all things. In Chinese culture they call, CHI, which literally translates as vital energy or energy flow. The Hawaiians call it “mana,” and consider it to be sacred. In Indian it’s called “prana.” Jewish culture calls it “ruach.” The Greeks called it, “pneuma” or spirit.

Now sometimes CHI, the flow of life that should flow easily through, in, out and around our bodies, can become blocked or restricted. That’s when we start to get tired and snippy. We start to slouch over like a worn-out old man. That’s when we need to plug in and recharge. It’s kind of like my Tesla that I keep at the dealership in Palm Springs, if you don’t plug it and recharge it every 200 miles nothing happens. No energy. No zoom-zoom.

But energy isn’t just what powers our physical bodies. Everything we think and feel is energy and also powers us.
You’ve heard the saying, “garbage in – garbage out.” That’s not just saying that if you eat junk food and too much ice cream that your body is going to respond to that. It also says that if you put low-grade fuel in your heart and mind like anger, fear, divisiveness and dishonesty, you’re going to operate on that level. But when you fill up on high-octane thoughts and feelings, you’re going to energize your entire being – inside and out.

So just like you wouldn’t let an undisciplined, fearful toddler drive your Tesla, don’t let somebody else control the wheel when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Take charge of your life. Fuel it with high-octane pneuma thoughts and mana feelings, along with lots of fresh veggies and you’ll feel great!