About Lorna


Lorna Bright is an interfaith minister, coach, author, musician, and speaker. She has brought her common sense approach, upbeat humor, and original music to businesses, churches, and organizations nationwide, including the Agape New Thought Music Symposium in Los Angeles, California, the Circle of Love Gathering in Atlanta, Georgia, the Unity Music of the Heart Conference in Austin, Texas, and the Asilomar Conference for the United Centers for Spiritual Living in Monterey, California.

An award winning songwriter, Lorna has produced and recorded three CDs of original music with accompanying songbooks along with two stress-relieving meditation CDs. Her latest CD, Being: A Journey of Spiritual Empowerment, is an innovative transformational tool featuring spoken affirmations, chants and meditations accompanied by Lorna’s original musical compositions.

Lorna is the author of three books: God’s Top Ten List: The Cosmic Code for Enlightened Living which is a holistic look at the Ten Commandments, 52 Ways to Let Go of Anything: How to Dump Unwanted Baggage and Enjoy the Journey and her soon-to-be released book: The Cosmic Constitution: 10 Universal Principles for a Better World.

On November 9th, 2016, (the day after the US presidential election) Lorna experienced a personal awakening that set her off in a new direction. She now devotes herself to the work of being a voice for positive change and helping others to bring their sacred values and spiritual principles to affect societal transformation.


In January of 2017, Lorna founded the Cosmic Coalition For Modern Evolution, an online community of heart-centered people who seek to bring their inner awareness into every aspect of their lives. She is also the creator and host of the Be The Voice Of Positive Change Tele-summit Series and the Be The Voice Of Positive Change Gathering held in San Diego.
As the song says, “You may say that I’m a dreamer – But I’m not the only one.”

Many heart-centered people all around the world are feeling the increased energy during this intense yet transformative time. We can feel it in our hearts because things like love, empathy, and compassion are imprinted in our very DNA. And we’re feeling the unbalance of the planet and of those in leadership because things like honor, integrity, and respect for all life are universal truths that are the very fabric of who we really are. They’re common to all people all across the planet.

Because of this, I know that peace and harmony can drown out chaos and discord and that love is the way of the universe.

As a musician I know that lots of different people together create harmony and that our voices can be like trumpets sounding causing walls to crumble.

I hope you’ll join me. And together we’ll raise our voices for the good of our world, the planet and for the good of all people.

The World Needs You.

Stand In Truth.

Be Love In Action!